FearlessFemme: Father Issues

A few weeks ago I wrote a very personal piece which I submitted to the online magazine,FearlessFemme, A magazine which tackles the issue of mental health and surrounding topics. I am so honoured to have my piece published on their online website.

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Just A Thought..

Just a thought…

What would the world have been like if Eve and Adam hadn’t taken a bite from the apple and we were all still blind to our flaws and nakedness.

Would we still find a reason to hate each other?Or would we all finally be free from all that’s bad in the world.

There would be no form of vision for anyone to get killed over, be it the way they looked or the colour of their skin.

Could it be the solution to getting rid of shallow emotions and wants? Would we finally be able to fall in love with nothing but A persons mind.

Would it be the end of body shaming or the desperate need to look like an Instagram model. Would all that is even exist.

Would we have no other choice but to live in the peace that our world creates wars and destruction just to find.

Or are we better off seeing everything for what it is?

Just a thought

“The Saddest Thing About Betrayal Is It Never Comes From Your Enemies”



Family is forever right? The people who are supposed to support you and always be there no matter what and the ones who are supposed to get you through hard times without passing judgement.Thats the way it’s supposed to be.So why is it in some cases they are the ones who bring the pain and humiliation.Im speaking In terms of extended family as well ( aunties,uncles ,cousins,in-laws etc)

I watched an episode of catfish a while back.A guy had fallen in love over Facebook and him and his cousin went all around searching with the presenters for his unknown love.Just as they thought they were going to meet him his cousin piped up and confessed it was her. She was upset with something he had said in the past so decided to hurt him this way. For tv purposes it’s funny as hell. But imagine your own flesh and blood going out their way just to hurt you the way that they know will effect you the most.

It be your own family sometimes.

That’s the scariest thing about opening up to anyone.Whether it’s family or friend.Leaving yourself entirely vulnerable is such a brave thing and for someone to come through and think it’s okay to abuse that is despicable.

It hit me after I fell pregnant with my first child. Those that I thought I could trust and depend on were the people who really tore me down.It wasn’t so much the confrontation but more the whispers that fluttered their way back to me.I think what makes it worse is you’re brought up to believe that friends are temporary and family is for life. And it’s true some friends DEFINITELY come and go but relations can also let you down.And when they do,the pain is unimaginable.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t the case for everyone.Some people are blessed to have relations who would truly ride to the ends of the earth for them.

Those who have gone through that pain,you’re not alone. I know a few words won’t alter how people are but maybe try changing how you allow it to affect you.

Once you condition your mind to accept that blood doesn’t change how people think you’ll be able to feel a little more lighter. One of the greatest people in my life taught me that if a person is always going to be connected to you study how they are and if you can’t forgive their antics,learn how to tolerate them.

Better the devil you know.

Build a mental wall between their negative ways and only allow in the positive (If they provide any lol).I’m used to just cutting off all contact but I’m trying to be a better person and not hold any grudges (because damn,can I hold them). I feel better and my heart isn’t so heavy anymore.

“Forgiveness Doesn’t Excuse Their Behaviour. It Prevents Their Behaviour from Destroying Your Heart.”
-Hemant Smarty

New Year New Me: Same Old Bulls*t Or Not?

“A Dream Written Down With A Date Becomes A Goal.A Goal Broken Down Into Steps Becomes A Plan. A Plan Backed By Action Makes Your Dreams Comes True”

– Greg S. Reid


It’s that time again where everyone’s ready to go into the new year and leave behind all the negativity. And it’s also that time of year where a handful of people take great joy in reminding you that your resolutions are shit and next year will probably be as crap as the year just gone. To be fair it might as well be but does it have to be all the way bad?

My main resolution for the past three/four years was to always be happy. Stay happy through absolutely everything. When ever I stopped feeling happy I felt like a failure,like everything was impossible. Now that I understand that it’s unrealistic to stay happy Consistently (at least for me) I started given myself new kind of goals e.g Find a job.I spent every day applying for jobs and by the ending of January I was hired. It felt so damn good knowing that I had spoken something into existence and followed through. And I think that’s how one should look at new year or any kind of goals.

What you say you will do,stick to it.(Or at least try)

If you say “I’m gonna join the gym” but you know that you’ll probably pay for the membership but just not go, give yourself a goal that will help you stay dedicated to getting fit  e.g “Do YouTube work outs everyday” or something that you know you’ll be able to do.

One of mine this year is to “Start a blog”. I’ve always loved writing and we live in a time where anyone and everyone can write a blog so who am I harming by starting one? Don’t get me wrong, The fear of jumping into the blogging world is real and even the thought of promoting my blog gives me mini heart pulpitations but life is short and at least I’ll be able to look back and say I did it🙂.


Don’t be afraid to do what you know will give you the fulfilment you need (Nothing like murder though.Be very afraid of that).And defo don’t search on social media for any validation. There are a ton of insecure,bitter people who will say the worst of the worst to you just to bring you down. The sad thing is they only respond that way because they don’t have the confidence to follow their own dreams. Misery loves company right? Pity them and keep your  focus on whether it’s what you truly want.

What is for you,no one can ever take away.

Remember that.

Until next time my love.

Oh and have a fantastic new year.

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